Future Fit # 26: On becoming an adaptive leader: Re-purposing your tactics

TomorrowToday has promised to help you start the journey towards being future fit – to becoming an adaptive leader. Being merely a ‘good leader’ will not suffice when it comes to meeting the challenge of the future. You will need to be a great leader and a ‘great leader’ is someone who understanding and practices adaptive leadership. This is part of a ‘boot camp’ through which we help you begin the journey of becoming future fit; we help you in the process of becoming an adaptive leader. Each ‘session’ is designed around a thought-bullet (Head) and an action point (Hand) – something to think about and something to try out. We have promised to keep the ‘head’ part to under a minute and the practical part (hand)…well, that is up to you.

ladders into the skyFuture Fit # 26: Re-purposing your tactics

Think of an adaptive intervention you are currently leading: A process in which you are helping people change and not only change, but how to thrive in that change. Your purpose in such a process needs to be kept clear and it needs to be the focal point directing the change initiative. It is easy to ‘get lost’ in such a process and so refocusing on your purpose and reviewing your current tactics is never a wasted exercise.

Take a blank piece of paper and on the top state what is your purpose in the identified adaptive challenge at hand. Having done that now answer three questions: (1) What are the things I am currently doing to achieve that purpose? (2) What new or additional things could I consider doing in order to succeed in that purpose?  (3) What would be things that I would never do in this quest? Having done this, spend a few minutes thinking about what you have listed under that third question. The answers you have listed to questions two and three represent bolder initiatives than those you are currently employing. Is it perhaps time to take some of what is listed under questions two and three and move them to the first column? What actions would you need to take to support any such (new) initiatives?

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