Graeme gets his tattoo!

tattooIt’s been a long standing sporting bet between Keith and Graeme which finally resulted in this tattoo, on Graeme’s shoulder, inked last week. I can’t do the details justice, but I do believe that over the last 11 years they have bet on any sport that one could possibly think of, making curling look like a mainstream sport. There have been numerous rules, stats, strategy, combinations of bets, even a creative writing session was somehow included in the mix, and at the end of the 11 years it came down to a few points and a closely watched cricket match which determined the loser!

The team at TomorrowToday have been watching this bet unfold for many years now, especially in recent years as the results were so close. (It was originally intended as a 10 year bet, but after 10 years it was a draw, hence the final, 11th year). Well done Keith on winning the bet, and to Graeme for going through with getting the tattoo!

Love working with this team, and never ever a normal day in our “office”.

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