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I have seen the future – and it only costs $35

I have seen the future – and it only costs $35

Tweet A few weeks ago I was doing a workshop with a telecoms company. We were looking at some of their thoughts around global expansion, especially into developing markets and across Africa. Then they showed me something that is going […]

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solar roadways

Solar Roadways – disruptive digitisation coming to a street near you?

Tweet Standing on a train platform south west of London a few years ago, I felt the whoosh of another fast train rushing past. In the distance I could just see the large arms of a slow-turning wind turbine. I’m […]

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Keith Coats on Adaptive Leadership

[Video]: Keith Coats on leadership adaptability and resilience

Tweet Here is a recording from a presentation our resident leadership expert, Keith Coats, did on adaptive leadership, resilience and leadership development. It’s just an excerpt, so for the full context, we recommend reading details of The Connection Economy and […]

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wc walk again

A Miracle at the World Cup – and a vision of the future

Tweet At tonight’s Football World Cup opening ceremony a minor miracle will occur when the opening game between Brazil and Croatia is started by a young man kicking a football. It doesn’t sound miraculous until you hear that this young […]

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Happy People

Keeping Generations @ Work

Tweet Understanding and connecting with people older and younger than yourself We don’t all see the world in the same ways. In today’s world, we’re confronted all the time by diverse ways of thinking and acting. To be successful in […]

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Standard Bank

Banks, small businesses and paying for what you don’t use

Tweet Earlier this week, I received a message from our business bankers in South Africa, informing me that they would be charging us for all credit facilities that we were not using. This baffled me. Then it irritated me. So, […]

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What Graeme is currently reading

Tweet What Graeme is currently reading I am currently skim reading a few books on future trends and how we can do better at predicting them.  On my shelf as I dip in and out of them are: Nate Silver, […]

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Making Your Life Just a Little Easier (what we do at TomorrowToday)

Tweet “So, you’re like ‘Step Zero’ then, are you?”  We were doing some work a few years ago with the consulting arm of one of the Big Four accounting firms, and one of their team was trying to find a […]

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Excuses for Complacency

Excuses for Complacency

Tweet It’s no secret that we at TomorrowToday are fans of Seth Godin, the author and business thinker. We often share his daily blogs internally and discuss them – they’re inspirational and insightful. Here’s one from a while ago that […]

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Sub Saharan Africa’s economies

Africa’s new number one economy

Tweet Six of the world’s top ten fastest growing economies over the past decade are in sub Saharan Africa. The country of my birth and my heart, South Africa, is not one of them. This is a travesty, and a […]

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A Brave New World: But what about my kids?

Tweet The world that is emerging all around us is both exciting and scary in equal measure.  Business, political and societal leaders are working hard to understand the implications of disruptive forces and shifting market conditions.  But once we’ve put […]

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It really IS about your people – now, more than ever!

Tweet People are your most important asset! You know this, because your company’s annual statements include this sentence every year. But do companies really believe this? They’d better. Most of the efficiencies your company is hoping to achieve in the […]

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