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Change is hard – I’ll be ready tomorrow

Tweet Having breakfast with a CEO recently and talking about organisational change, he came out with the memorable line, “change is hard – I’ll be ready tomorrow”. It wasn’t a personal reference but rather the unspoken response he seems to […]

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Rubics cube letters

On Leadership: The not-so-simple matter of translation

Tweet Recently I had the privilege to attend a graduation ceremony. It was of course wonderful to see young people rewarded for years of hard work and was a forceful reminder of the importance of the academic contribution to our […]

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On Leadership: Failure Guaranteed – sometime, somewhere, somehow.

Tweet There is a remarkable cricket statistic than not many who love the game would believe or even dream possible. Yet it is. Amongst all who play the game internationally, having your name inscribed at Lords Cricket Ground, the home […]

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Reclaiming the Village: 4 Lessons from the San Bushmen

Tweet In his amazing book Future Primal, Louis Herman, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii-West O’ahu, articulates how we should respond to our converging crisis of violent conflict, political corruption, and global ecological devastation. Herman’s sweeping […]

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The real China

China: “It’s not pretty but it’s the bloody reality”

Tweet I was listening to the head of a large multinational that have significant investments in China speak about the challenges and opportunities that is China. The one line that caught my attention? “It’s not pretty but it is the […]

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On Leadership: The glory of uncertainty

Tweet Leaders have traditionally been conditioned to be certain. Conditioned to know the answer and instill confidence in leading the way forward. After all, isn’t that exactly what good leadership is all about? Not necessarily. The problem with certainty is […]

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Bushman art

On Leadership: Chiefs as thin as the rest

Tweet The San Bushmen have no ‘Chiefs’. Every Bushman is considered “chief” over himself – or herself. This is strange for those accustomed to a society governed by hierarchy. In the unique Bushman societal structure there was a balance between […]

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Meaning & Measurement: The M&Ms of leadership

Tweet There are two important aspects that all leaders cannot afford to ignore: meaning and measurement. Both are in dire need of being rethought given the context in which we find ourselves. Meaning is not derived from work. It can […]

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Leadership: The Glory of Getting Stuck

Tweet Momentum is important. It is important in sport, it is important in life. We are always encouraged to keep moving and ‘moving forward’ is the marketing tagline for one of Africa’s most prominent banks. Making progress, constant motion, pushing […]

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The Enemy Within

Tweet The best of strategies can be thwarted and undone by the presence of an enemy within the ranks. Even worse, an enemy within can sow the seeds that result in destruction and ultimate annihilation. As a company, you may […]

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Another leadership lesson from the kids: Change the conversation

Tweet Our youngest, Sipho must have been about four years old at the time. He was duly strapped into the car seat in the rear of the car as was the norm and was on yet another endless ride with […]

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Everyting I know cover

On Change: Blue cheese, tastier than ever!

Tweet In response to a client’s need to assist team leaders grasp and engage with some required internal change an old story was retold. The underpinning framework guiding the work that was done in Hong Kong and Singapore was that […]

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