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Digital Natives Online Media Digest 1.1

Tweet A selection of recent online activity dealing with the Digital Natives and Gen Y. Say hello to the future of work ITProPortal The latest generation of talent – the millennial workforce (or ‘digital natives‘) – are driving a shift […]

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Millennials in the Workplace: an article on 60 Minutes

Tweet This 3 minute intro to a full 60 minute programme does a great job of identifying, and connecting with, some of the challenges that the Millennial generation bring into the workplace. They ARE different, and we will have to shift […]

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Digital Natives and the new normal of socialising

Tweet I was recently in a conversation with a person who recounted an experience with her two teenage Digital Native Children. [Digital Native: A digital native is a person who was born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies […]

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Understanding the Gen Y Quarter-life Crisis and what all of it means for you

Tweet Quarter life is a stage that runs through a person’s twenties, and possibly into the very early thirties. Some academic writers have aligned it with Erik Erikson’s Intimacy vs Isolation stage in human development theory. Intimacy vs. isolation – […]

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How Generation X Ruined the World

Tweet This article originally appeared on (original on link below). Written by Theis Duelund How Generation X Ruined the World   Reality Bites Screenshot via YouTube user thecultbox Hey, did you hear about the western Antarctic ice sheet? The melting there […]

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Boomer purchases and Gen Y coolness – Get Boomers to spend by impressing their kids

Tweet I was recently in a conversation with a dealer principle in a motor dealership.  He recounted how many of his sales people have a two stage process to the purchase of a car by a Baby Boomer. The Boomer […]

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Followership: How to act the other 98% of the time, when we aren’t leading.

Tweet Companies and individuals around the world spend billions on courses, books, conferences, and symposiums to develop leadership skills. One thing every single person is though is a follower – everyone is responsible to someone else, or a group of […]

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GROWTH Innovation: A practical framework for development

Tweet In TomorrowToday we believe from experience and observation of clients around the world, and through reading and tracking innovation trends, that there has been an evolution in Innovation practice just as there has been in most other areas of […]

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Surfing tides

Surfing the TIDES of Change

Tweet One of the central frameworks we work with in TomorrowToday is TIDES where we use this acronym to consider the main change disruptors to be considered in the modern world.  The acronym stands for: T – Technology I – […]

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Surfing the TIDES of Change – part 1

Surfing the TIDES of Change – part 1

Tweet An introduction to a three part series looking at harnessing the power of the TIDES of change.  The video considers the parallels with surfing and how we can use the surfing analogy and metaphor to “Surf the TIDES of […]

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Gamification and your life

Tweet One of the trends TomorrowToday has been tracking for several years is that of Gamification. Simply put, this reflects that reality that just as social networking, search engines, and online media have changed the way we live, so too […]

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Success’ negative impact on future growth and a tool to overcome this

Tweet Walk into any major bookstore, or visit major news and business websites and chances are that you will be able to find several studies, articles or books dealing with modern day success stories.  A whole industry has developed where […]

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