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Mentoring and Development – The Enneagram as a development tool

Tweet We have been using the Enneagram as an assessment instrument in a Top Talent development programme for a large corporation.  We have been wowed by the insights this tool has given us into the development needs of the 200 […]

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A Brave New World: But what about my kids?

Tweet The world that is emerging all around us is both exciting and scary in equal measure.  Business, political and societal leaders are working hard to understand the implications of disruptive forces and shifting market conditions.  But once we’ve put […]

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Leading in a Changing World: Four things leaders can learn from Postmodernism

Tweet If the world has changed then we need a new kind of leadership. The world has changed. Much has been said and written about change and the importance for leaders – wherever they might be, to adapt to the […]

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GROWTH Innovation: A practical framework for development

Tweet In TomorrowToday we believe from experience and observation of clients around the world, and through reading and tracking innovation trends, that there has been an evolution in Innovation practice just as there has been in most other areas of […]

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Out of Africa: An open letter to all in Africa

Tweet ‘I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills’… Recently I had the opportunity to visit the home of Karen Blixen, the author of, ‘Out of Africa’ – an autobiographical book penned in 1937 that […]

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Surfing tides

Surfing the TIDES of Change

Tweet One of the central frameworks we work with in TomorrowToday is TIDES where we use this acronym to consider the main change disruptors to be considered in the modern world.  The acronym stands for: T – Technology I – […]

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Gamification and your life

Tweet One of the trends TomorrowToday has been tracking for several years is that of Gamification. Simply put, this reflects that reality that just as social networking, search engines, and online media have changed the way we live, so too […]

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Your next step: Thinking like a Futurist in 2014

Tweet It is that time of year again when everyone is having their say about the likely trends that will dominate or surface during the course of 2014. Recent editions of Time, Fortune and the Economist have all run lead […]

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A Crystal Ball for Business: 9 Tips for Future Success

Tweet As another year dawns and we turn our eyes to 2014, it’s still clear that we are living and working in an era of extreme uncertainty.  A global recession continues and is combining with significant disruptive forces in technology, […]

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zoo vs wild

Leading Diversity: The Zoo versus The Wild

Tweet I was recently asked to write an article for the Switch and Shift leadership blog. I picked up a theme that has been a significant one for our team for many years. It is one that our new business […]

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broken capitalism piggy bank

Reimagining Capitalism – as Principled, Patient, and Truly Social

Tweet Polly LaBarre has written an excellent and thought-provoking piece on the Harvard Business Review blog (thanks to Pete Laburn for alerting me to this). It is becoming increasingly clear that unfettered, free market capitalism is a discredited system. Communism […]

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The year in review

Tweet As you may or may not know TomorrowToday does not have a central office where we all trundle off to between 08h00 and 17h00 Monday to Friday. Let’s face it who does do that anymore? TomorrowToday has what we […]

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