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What Graeme is currently reading

Tweet What Graeme is currently reading I am currently skim reading a few books on future trends and how we can do better at predicting them.  On my shelf as I dip in and out of them are: Nate Silver, […]

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What Keith is currently reading

What Keith is currently reading

Tweet What Keith is  currently reading ‘Future Primal – how our wilderness origins show us the way forward’ by Louis G. Herman His thoughts on the book? A ‘game-changer’. I think this book will become one of the most significant […]

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Books 4 Leaders 2 Read

Tweet A list of 42 books recommended by our team, for leaders who wish to face the future with confidence. Man’s Search for Meaning – Frankl Synchronicity – Joworski Presence – Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski & Flowers The Fifth Discipline – […]

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Book review: The Exceptional Speaker

Tweet Public speaking is a vital skill for anyone anywhere to master. I do it professionally – and it’s a privilege to do so. But I do realise how daunting and difficult public speaking can be, and I do what […]

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Books’s Best Business Books picks

Tweet I am a big fan of Inc magazine. It’s aimed at “new world of work” entrepreneurs and small businesses, and always has insightful and useful articles. One caught my eye in particular, as it came from Leigh Buchanan, who, […]

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Bullas book

Blogging the ‘Not So Smart’ Way by Jeff Bullas

Tweet I was really looking forward to reading Jeff Bullas’s ‘Blogging the Smart Way’ that I had downloaded. I was sure that there would be some worthwhile insights and some fresh lessons to be learnt. He did a pretty convincing […]

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‘Mind the Gap’ and all our other books are now available in Kindle

Tweet Graeme Codrington’s award winning and best selling book, “Mind the Gap” has just been released in electronic format and is now available in Kindle and other e-pub formats. Graeme’s publisher, Penguin, has finally completed a worldwide deal with Amazon […]

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navigating your career front_spine

Latest book: Navigating Your Career

Tweet We are thrilled to announce the launch of Dr Graeme Codrington’s latest book. It is now available for sale in South Africa, and will be available in ebook format and internationally later this year. Navigating Your Career: 5 steps […]

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mindthegap_2 Cover

Updated edition of ‘Mind the Gap’ available now

Tweet Exciting news: My best-selling book, “Mind the Gap” originally published by Penguin in 2004 has been fully revised and updated and is now available. Buy it from, or Nearly 25,000 copies of the book have already […]

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Great questions about your self education and development

Tweet Thanks to Brainpickings for this find. In an excellent and inventive book, “344 Questions: The Creative Person’s Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival, and Artistic Fulfillment” designer Stefan G. Bucher presents a compendium of flowcharts and lists to help you […]

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Books every leader should read

Tweet In the TomorrowToday UK team’s ezine newsletter last Friday, we gave an excellent list of books that leaders should be reading. Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them? What else would you […]

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Book Summary: From Strategy to Execution

Book Summary: From Strategy to Execution

Tweet I was recently sent a summary of a 2008 book, “From Strategy to Execution: Turning Accelerated Global Change into Opportunity” by Daniel Pantaleo and Nirmal Pal (Springer). It is ridiculously expensive, but you can buy it now from […]

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