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Designing a SMART Customer Experience

The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message more accessible to the general consumer. Over the past few years we have placed much [...]

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Top Trends in Social Media 2014

Top 7 Trends for Social Media in 2014

Tweet Going into 2014 I have spent some time looking into the predicted trends and have highlighted a few that I believe will take place in 2014. Image based content will increase This is a no-brainer but should be said. […]

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Techonology that’s changing lices

Technology innovation that is changing lives

Technology is only as valuable as value that is perceived by its user. The technology that impacts the future are technologies that people adopt and use. These are the technologies to watch. There are many of these technologies on my list at the moment but I only have time/space to share two with you. 3D [...]

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A round up of predictions of future forces shaping our world

Tweet There are two types of future predictions: one looks to try and predict specific events and technologies, the other attempts to look beyond specifics at the causes of change and the forces that will shape the future. In a […]

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Why I Tweet

Tweet Yesterday marked my 10,000th tweet sent (bizarrely it was a tweet commenting on the fact that Penguin have finally joined the digital age and published my books on Kindle – 10,000 tweets, 4 years of asking, but now finally […]

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Why Apple introduced maps (before it was ready) and why it’s brilliant for us all

Tweet So, the iPhone 5 has been launched along with iOS 6, Apple’s latest operating system for its mobile devices. As always a few users have had hiccups upgrading, and Apple has already released a further update or two to […]

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Can Mobile and Social Strategy Create an Infrastructure for Africa Development

Over the past year or so I have been working with a number of companies looking to expand their business into Africa. This is probably one of the most exciting areas of business growth because of the uniques challenges and breadth of work involved. The return, without a doubt, is great for any business who [...]

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Can social technology improve employee productivity?

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review James Manyika, Michael Chui, and Hugo Sarrazin presented some insightful research that identified that some of our best employees are spending  ”28% of their workdays answering, writing, or responding to email. They also spend another 19% of the time trying to track down information (including searching through their [...]

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Close-up of Start Word

Secrets to Success in a New World of Work: High Tech, High Touch, High Trust

Tweet The world we live and work in has become increasingly complex in the past two decades.  Rapid advances in technology, together with globalization and fast growth all combined to rewrite the rules of success, failure and organizational design.  The […]

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Knowledge Management

Email is where knowledge goes to die

I am no DIY professional, in fact I am the opposite. The other day I found myself tring to rewire a household plug using a kitchen knife as a screwdriver. Half the problem with my DIY skills is that I don’t have the right tools to do the job so I end up ‘making a [...]

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Social Media use in Journalism

Social Media empowers Citizen Journalism

After my last article about the role of social media in journalism I received an email through a friend from a journalism lecturer who shared this TED video with me. The video is a great description of a new layer of journalism that social media has empowered. A form of journalism that places the knowledge [...]

Social Media empowers Citizen Journalism originally posted on Mike Saunders – Keynote Speaker and Social Media Coach

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The Communication Revolution

Tweet In the 21st century I think we are all acutely aware of the significance of communication. It is all around us, in so many forms: face to face (both verbal and non-verbal or our body language), written, in various […]

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