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Leadership Reflection: Goodbye and Aloha

Tweet I am about to embark on another stint teaching in the East West Center’s renowned, Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP). This will be my 13th straight year teaching in APLP, a programme that is itself only 14 years old. […]

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Millennials in the Workplace: an article on 60 Minutes

Tweet This 3 minute intro to a full 60 minute programme does a great job of identifying, and connecting with, some of the challenges that the Millennial generation bring into the workplace. They ARE different, and we will have to shift […]

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The real China

China: “It’s not pretty but it’s the bloody reality”

Tweet I was listening to the head of a large multinational that have significant investments in China speak about the challenges and opportunities that is China. The one line that caught my attention? “It’s not pretty but it is the […]

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How Generation X Ruined the World

Tweet This article originally appeared on (original on link below). Written by Theis Duelund How Generation X Ruined the World   Reality Bites Screenshot via YouTube user thecultbox Hey, did you hear about the western Antarctic ice sheet? The melting there […]

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Mandela SA flag

You are mistaken Mr Friedman, there was a miracle.

Tweet It has been an interesting experience processing both the death and burial of Nelson Mandela from distant shores. Whilst I would have loved to have been home amongst ‘my people’ to fully enter into the emotion, celebration, mourning and […]

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Film director Joss Whedon on strong female leads

Film director Joss Whedon on strong female leads

Tweet Joss Whedon, according to his Wikipedia entry, is an American screenwriter, film and television producer, director, comic book author, composer, and actor. He is the founder of Mutant Enemy Productions and co-founder of Bellwether Pictures. He is best known […]

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How Does The Enneagram Help With Understanding Others

Tweet Once you have had time to ponder over the accuracy of the Enneagram through using it for self-observation, you can begin to use the Enneagram to observe other people. Not like a voyeur might, but rather as a mechanism […]

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Miss America

Miss America: Throwing down the gauntlet to leaders

Tweet The storm of abuse over the selection of Nina Davuluri as Miss America shows just how short America is in being the society and country Martin Luther King dreamt of all those years ago. The virile stirred up by […]

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The Enneagram, A Tool For Self- Observation

Tweet The French philosopher, Marcel Proust, said that the true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes, but in having new eyes I loved that quote and agree with him. We have all heard that saying […]

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Hands holding globe

On Leadership: Difference matters

Tweet Recently Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech has celebrated its 50th anniversary. In the speech King found a way to further unlock America’s founding promise that, “All men are created equal” and have the right to “life, […]

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Why Once-Off Training Is Not Sustainable

Tweet The hardest part about my job is that clients want me to perform miracles. Whilst I aim to please, sometimes it is just not possible to do in one day what they want. What most clients want is for […]

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Women @ Work

Tweet It is the first work day of September, which means it is officially the end of ‘Woman’s Month’. However, I hope this does not mean that questions around how we can best maximise the benefits that the women inside […]

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