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Everton and Liverpool 96

Loyalty: Red and Blue on Merseyside and what we can learn about loyalty

Tweet As I write this I am sitting in quaint little coffee shop on Liverpool’s main street, one minutes walk from The Cavern where it all started for The Beatles. As I watch people walk by on what is a […]

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On air

[Listen] Keith talking on Generation Gap on Talk Radio 702

Tweet Keith was interviewed by John Robbie on 702 Talk Radio this morning. You can listen to the sound clip here (5.43min).  

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A Brave New World: But what about my kids?

Tweet The world that is emerging all around us is both exciting and scary in equal measure.  Business, political and societal leaders are working hard to understand the implications of disruptive forces and shifting market conditions.  But once we’ve put […]

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Gamification and your life

Tweet One of the trends TomorrowToday has been tracking for several years is that of Gamification. Simply put, this reflects that reality that just as social networking, search engines, and online media have changed the way we live, so too […]

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Your next step: Thinking like a Futurist in 2014

Tweet It is that time of year again when everyone is having their say about the likely trends that will dominate or surface during the course of 2014. Recent editions of Time, Fortune and the Economist have all run lead […]

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Understanding different generations and why this is important.

Tweet We are living in a world of paradox, and leaders need to start developing frameworks to deal with this paradox; frameworks of understanding. Generational Theory helps us understand the value systems of each generation. Values drive behaviour and understanding […]

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Cyber Bullying: Are you ready for this?

Tweet Parents, do you know what 420, TDTM and GNOC mean in cyber speak? Whether you do or don’t, there’s a good chance your child does – 420 means marijuana, TDTM means Talk Dirty to Me, and GNOC means Get […]

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back to school

What teachers really want to tell parents

Tweet As southern hemisphere schools start up a new academic year, and teachers and pupils head back to school, the single biggest complaint I hear repeatedly when speaking to teachers has to do with parents. Over the past decade or […]

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unsocial train newspapers

Idealising the past: Being unsocial

Tweet A few weeks ago the following picture was doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, under the heading: “modern technology makes us more unsocial”: There’s an excellent point to be made in this photo, and in the similar I […]

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The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013

Tweet As we get the new year rolling, my eye caught an HBR article that reviewed some of the fresh management thinking from 2013 that really made an impact around the world (and in the Harvard Business Revie, of course). […]

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Raising Digital Citizens

Tweet Mike has spent most of his career trying to help businesses succeed in a digital world. He believes that the digital world is intimately woven into the fabric of society, and that people are digital citizens as well as […]

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The Enneagram: A Tool To Understand Diversity

Tweet If you have never come across this business tool before, you might be asking what exactly the Enneagram is. Most simplistically the Enneagram is a 9-point system, which can be used to analyse the spectrum of personality types that […]

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