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Cyber Bullying: Are you ready for this?

Tweet Parents, do you know what 420, TDTM and GNOC mean in cyber speak? Whether you do or don’t, there’s a good chance your child does – 420 means marijuana, TDTM means Talk Dirty to Me, and GNOC means Get […]

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Idealising the past: Being unsocial

Tweet A few weeks ago the following picture was doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, under the heading: “modern technology makes us more unsocial”: There’s an excellent point to be made in this photo, and in the similar I […]

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Gen Y signpost

Tomorrow’s Leaders and what to do about it today!

Tweet In TomorrowToday we talk a great deal about the generations. Generational Theory is a framework we have shared in some 44 countries and I don’t think there can be any consultancy that can claim that kind of global footprint […]

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Why graduates remain unemployed (and what to do about it)

Tweet Yesterday, I presented our team’s most requested presentation, “The TIDES of Change” to a group of top business leaders in Sandton. During the Q&A, someone asked a simple but profound question: “What makes you most nervous?” When thinking of […]

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The Most Profound Tool For Growing Your Human Capital

Tweet Most businesses, organizations and institutions today recognize that necessity and benefit of harnessing their human capital. Due to the fact that the world has changed so much and because we are in a constant state of change, managers have […]

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Limited social media at work is a deal breaker for younger generations

Tweet The biggest issue that HR is facing today is IT policies. In most companies, IT does not see itself as a service to the HR function, and don’t recognise how much their policies affect the morale of the staff […]

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The Power Of Our Youth

Tweet Having just commemorated Youth Day last Sunday (16th June) I thought it would be pertinent to have a look at how we can celebrate South Africa’s youth. After all, this year marked the 37th anniversary of when young South […]

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Generation Jobless cover

Generation Jobless: A warning to us all

Tweet The April 27th Economist ran a cover story about the ‘generation jobless’ – the global rise of youth unemployment. It is a serious concern for a number of reasons and one that could have long-lasting implications for both the […]

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Podcast: The Customer Experience Show – Secrets of Successful Multi-Generational Work Cultures

Tweet Dean and myself were interviewed by Michelle Romanica on the Customer Experience Show on Blogtalk Radio. It was a great show, with some fascinating insights into multi-generational workplaces. The blurb of the show says: In their work, Graeme Codrington […]

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Let’s Change Our Perspective

Tweet Andy Braner, who is the CEO of KIVU, recently wrote a really insightful blog post entitled ‘Tweet, Text or Talk’, which I really enjoyed. He is talking about the effect social media is having on Generation Y in particular […]

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The Kids Aren’t Playing Around Anymore

Tweet For a few years now, our researchers at TomorrowToday have been predicting what Generation Y might do when they grow up. This generation was first dubbed “The Millennials” by Neil Howe and William Strauss (see this book, for example), […]

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Graeme Codrington

Video: Digital natives of 1989 entering the world of work

Tweet One of the biggest causes of disruptive change in the world right now is the combination of a radical increase in computing power and the arrival of the digital natives in the workplace.   This video of Graeme Codrington […]

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