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Leader Fit

Tweet With all the demands that are placed on leaders in today’s World of Work, most are still struggling to cope with the complexity and change impacting their business, managing their own career and health as well as balancing their […]

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Millennials in the Workplace: an article on 60 Minutes

Tweet This 3 minute intro to a full 60 minute programme does a great job of identifying, and connecting with, some of the challenges that the Millennial generation bring into the workplace. They ARE different, and we will have to shift […]

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Career Conversations

Tweet The world of work provides us with many choices. We can choose our employer and the duration that we want to work for that employer. We can choose to join the entrepreneurial trend and be our own boss. As […]

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How Generation X Ruined the World

Tweet This article originally appeared on (original on link below). Written by Theis Duelund How Generation X Ruined the World   Reality Bites Screenshot via YouTube user thecultbox Hey, did you hear about the western Antarctic ice sheet? The melting there […]

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Followership: How to act the other 98% of the time, when we aren’t leading.

Tweet Companies and individuals around the world spend billions on courses, books, conferences, and symposiums to develop leadership skills. One thing every single person is though is a follower – everyone is responsible to someone else, or a group of […]

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The Enemy Within

Tweet The best of strategies can be thwarted and undone by the presence of an enemy within the ranks. Even worse, an enemy within can sow the seeds that result in destruction and ultimate annihilation. As a company, you may […]

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Making Your Life Just a Little Easier (what we do at TomorrowToday)

Tweet “So, you’re like ‘Step Zero’ then, are you?”  We were doing some work a few years ago with the consulting arm of one of the Big Four accounting firms, and one of their team was trying to find a […]

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Everyting I know cover

On Change: Blue cheese, tastier than ever!

Tweet In response to a client’s need to assist team leaders grasp and engage with some required internal change an old story was retold. The underpinning framework guiding the work that was done in Hong Kong and Singapore was that […]

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Moyes out

Succession Planning: 5 lessons from a fallen giant

Tweet Something had to stop Manchester United from continuing their dominant ways and it came from what many thought would be the most likely direction: when it came time to change the leader (manager). We all knew that Sir Alex […]

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Everton and Liverpool 96

Loyalty: Red and Blue on Merseyside and what we can learn about loyalty

Tweet As I write this I am sitting in quaint little coffee shop on Liverpool’s main street, one minutes walk from The Cavern where it all started for The Beatles. As I watch people walk by on what is a […]

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Highway Signpost “Mentorship”

Are your companies’ mentoring efforts adding enough value?

Tweet A cornerstone of almost all business strategies is the need to get more out of people. It’s because of this that mentoring remains a key component of many development programmes. Especially in South Africa at this time there is […]

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Excuses for Complacency

Excuses for Complacency

Tweet It’s no secret that we at TomorrowToday are fans of Seth Godin, the author and business thinker. We often share his daily blogs internally and discuss them – they’re inspirational and insightful. Here’s one from a while ago that […]

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