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Keith Coats on Adaptive Leadership

[Video]: Keith Coats on leadership adaptability and resilience

Tweet Here is a recording from a presentation our resident leadership expert, Keith Coats, did on adaptive leadership, resilience and leadership development. It’s just an excerpt, so for the full context, we recommend reading details of The Connection Economy and […]

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Standard Bank

Banks, small businesses and paying for what you don’t use

Tweet Earlier this week, I received a message from our business bankers in South Africa, informing me that they would be charging us for all credit facilities that we were not using. This baffled me. Then it irritated me. So, […]

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older man and younger woman yelling at each other

Boomer purchases and Gen Y coolness – Get Boomers to spend by impressing their kids

Tweet I was recently in a conversation with a dealer principle in a motor dealership.  He recounted how many of his sales people have a two stage process to the purchase of a car by a Baby Boomer. The Boomer […]

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Leadership: The Glory of Getting Stuck

Tweet Momentum is important. It is important in sport, it is important in life. We are always encouraged to keep moving and ‘moving forward’ is the marketing tagline for one of Africa’s most prominent banks. Making progress, constant motion, pushing […]

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Moyes out

Succession Planning: 5 lessons from a fallen giant

Tweet Something had to stop Manchester United from continuing their dominant ways and it came from what many thought would be the most likely direction: when it came time to change the leader (manager). We all knew that Sir Alex […]

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Highway Signpost “Mentorship”

Are your companies’ mentoring efforts adding enough value?

Tweet A cornerstone of almost all business strategies is the need to get more out of people. It’s because of this that mentoring remains a key component of many development programmes. Especially in South Africa at this time there is […]

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Sub Saharan Africa’s economies

Africa’s new number one economy

Tweet Six of the world’s top ten fastest growing economies over the past decade are in sub Saharan Africa. The country of my birth and my heart, South Africa, is not one of them. This is a travesty, and a […]

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It really IS about your people – now, more than ever!

Tweet People are your most important asset! You know this, because your company’s annual statements include this sentence every year. But do companies really believe this? They’d better. Most of the efficiencies your company is hoping to achieve in the […]

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Graeme Codrington, Richard Brandson, Keith Coats & Jo Malone talk on Stimulating Business Growth (Video)

Graeme Codrington, Richard Brandson, Keith Coats & Jo Malone talk on Stimulating Business Growth (Video)

Tweet A short video (2.33min) of interviews with internationally recognized business professionals, including Richard Brandson, Graeme Codrington, Jo Malone and Keith Coats who share their advice and insights. This video was put together by , a great source for online business […]

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Designing a SMART Customer Experience

The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with its customer. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations, data gives us a better understanding of our market and mobile makes our message more accessible to the general consumer. Over the past few years we have placed much [...]

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Leadership: Five things you need to do?

Tweet Writing in USA Today journalists, Alistair Barr and Scott Martin, suggest five things that Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, needs to do. This advice includes, embrace the cloud; free its software from Windows; fix mobile; woo developers and focus. […]

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The madness of ‘EMEA’

Tweet I am sitting at a conference waiting for my turn to speak. Right now, there is a financial review of the year – by a fairly engaging CFO, as it happens. But one set of charts has reiterated something […]

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