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solar roadways

Solar Roadways – disruptive digitisation coming to a street near you?

Tweet Standing on a train platform south west of London a few years ago, I felt the whoosh of another fast train rushing past. In the distance I could just see the large arms of a slow-turning wind turbine. I’m […]

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Video: Graeme Codrington on Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

Video: Graeme Codrington on Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

Tweet Earlier this year, our international director, Graeme Codrington, spoke at an event called AgriVision, which focused attention on how we will feed the growing world’s population over the next few decades. Following Michael Porter on stage, Graeme’s presentation looked […]

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The Enneagram, A Tool For Self- Observation

Tweet The French philosopher, Marcel Proust, said that the true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes, but in having new eyes I loved that quote and agree with him. We have all heard that saying […]

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Bullas book

Blogging the ‘Not So Smart’ Way by Jeff Bullas

Tweet I was really looking forward to reading Jeff Bullas’s ‘Blogging the Smart Way’ that I had downloaded. I was sure that there would be some worthwhile insights and some fresh lessons to be learnt. He did a pretty convincing […]

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Toxic Leadership: Recognising the signs.

Tweet Toxic leadership always ends badly but it doesn’t start that way. Toxic leadership (as is the case with any from of leadership) requires followership and to assume that at the outset the followership knew what they were in for […]

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Toms 2

One Day Without Shoes

Tweet Tuesday 16 April is the TOMS ‘one day without shoes’. TOMS, founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie in Santa Monica, California is a shoe company with a difference. The company designs and sells shoes based on the Argentine ‘alpargata’ […]

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Weak signals becoming strong: Reshoring, shale gas and jobs in America

Tweet For a while now, our team has been tracking the shale gas issue. We flagged it a few years ago as a weak signal for massive disruptive change. It’s no longer weak: in our minds it is the single […]

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What Oscar Pistorius And Lance Armstrong Can Teach Us About Needing to Win

Tweet As the world turns its attention to the story of Oscar Pistorius and the tragic events that unfolded on Thursday 14th February 2013, with the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, one cannot help but lament the let down […]

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Global warming deniers need to face the facts (and the heat)

Tweet One of the key trends that my team and I track is the environment. There is no doubt that changes in our physical world, and our responses to them, are huge causes of disruptive change right now. When I […]

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China and Ethics Matter: Two Bottom Line lessons for Leaders Everywhere

Tweet Two headlines in the Business Report caught my eye this morning. The first had to do with China’s economic performance.  Later today I am flying to Guangzhou, China for a day’s work with London Business School on the Nestle […]

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end extreme poverty report

Still the very best thing we could do: End extreme poverty in a generation

Tweet For the last few years, I have been involved with The Global Poverty Project, a charity with the goal of seeing the end to extreme poverty within a generation. They support the work of other charities, of advocacy groups […]

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What are teachers worth?

Tweet At the start of another school year here in South Africa, there are once again rumours that teachers in the highly politicised government teachers’ unions might go on strike to demand more pay. This is just crazy. Teachers’ hefty […]

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