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South Africa Business Events Catalogue now available

Tweet For anyone who does conferencing work in Southern Africa, the Business Events Africa catalogue is an invaluable resource, listing providers of conferencing facilities, speakers and related services. It’s just been published and will be available in printed format. But […]

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The Ideas that Shaped Management in 2013

Tweet As we get the new year rolling, my eye caught an HBR article that reviewed some of the fresh management thinking from 2013 that really made an impact around the world (and in the Harvard Business Revie, of course). […]

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Video: Summary of TIDES of Change – and implications of disruptions

Video: Summary of TIDES of Change – and implications of disruptions

Tweet Over the past few months I have been collecting video footage of the presentations I have done of our team’s “TIDES of Change” presentation. Based on the research our Strategic Insights team has done over the past few years, […]

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Why Once-Off Training Is Not Sustainable

Tweet The hardest part about my job is that clients want me to perform miracles. Whilst I aim to please, sometimes it is just not possible to do in one day what they want. What most clients want is for […]

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Women @ Work

Tweet It is the first work day of September, which means it is officially the end of ‘Woman’s Month’. However, I hope this does not mean that questions around how we can best maximise the benefits that the women inside […]

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Books’s Best Business Books picks

Tweet I am a big fan of Inc magazine. It’s aimed at “new world of work” entrepreneurs and small businesses, and always has insightful and useful articles. One caught my eye in particular, as it came from Leigh Buchanan, who, […]

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Three Reasons Why You Should Mentor Someone In Your Organisation

Tweet Mentorship is not a new concept. The word Mentor comes from the Ancient Greek writer Homer’s epic story called The Odyssey. The story is of a hero, called Odysseus, who takes ten years to return home from the Trojan […]

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Why Sir Alex Ferguson Was Such A Successful Manager

Tweet Whether or not you are a Manchester United fan, it would be difficult to argue with the fact that as a business this football club has been massively successful, to say nothing of their success as a sports team. […]

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The best TED talks

Tweet At one level, there is no such thing as “the best TED talk”. When the best thinkers in the world share a soundbite of insight the results are extraordinary, and there’s a reason that TED conferences are almost always […]

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Women and Mentorship Programmes

Tweet In celebration of National Women’s Day on 9 August this year, I thought I would write about women and mentorship programmes. There are various business imperatives for why there should be mentorship programmes which especially focus on female talent, […]

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How Important Are First Impressions?

Tweet We are all taught that first impressions are important; and that is because they are! When I train on this subject I talk about creating first and lasting impressions that differentiate you, because in a world where there is […]

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men and women

A Woman’s World Beckons

Tweet Steve Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard, famously wrote that ‘behavioural science is not for sissies’ and I agree. Although I wish somebody had alerted me to this fact before I embarked on a four-year long Sociology degree aged […]

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