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21st Century Enlightenment – an essential insight

Tweet I recently stumbled across a short RSA Animate video by the CEO of RSA. It is eleven minutes that everyone really must watch, as he talks about where we find ourselves in history, and what we should be doing […]

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24 “Future of Work” Voices You Should Know About In 2014

Tweet Our colleague and co-founder of TomorrowToday, Dr Graeme Codrington, has recently been included on two lists of business experts worth following. Switch & Shift named him amongst their “Top 75 List of Human Business Champions“. Global Workforce Transformation included […]

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Highway Signpost “Mentorship”

Are your companies’ mentoring efforts adding enough value?

Tweet A cornerstone of almost all business strategies is the need to get more out of people. It’s because of this that mentoring remains a key component of many development programmes. Especially in South Africa at this time there is […]

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camp fire

Leadership: Stealing the fire

Tweet There is a wonderful Bushman fire myth concerning mantis, the trickster deity and intermediary between human and animal, who steals fire from the animals. Mantis discovers that the ostrich, after cooking its food, hides the fire used under her […]

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A Feel Good Plane Ride

Tweet I have traveled on South African Airways before and been decidedly unimpressed. I once took a flight to London where they ran out of food and the toilets stopped working all on the same flight. To make things worse […]

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Why Once-Off Training Is Not Sustainable

Tweet The hardest part about my job is that clients want me to perform miracles. Whilst I aim to please, sometimes it is just not possible to do in one day what they want. What most clients want is for […]

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Birth Notice: At last, welcome Barclays Group Africa.

Tweet With the news dominated by reports of the birth of the royal Prince, another birth notice slipped under the radar. Today’s papers report that as of the 2nd August ABSA shares will trade as Barclays Africa Group on the […]

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An Abnormal Story about Normal

Tweet In our presentation, ‘The TIDES of Change – five disruptive forces shaping the future world of work’ we have slide of a road sign that reads, ‘Leaving Normal’. Normal is a small town in Illinois, USA. The point made […]

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Why Sir Alex Ferguson Was Such A Successful Manager

Tweet Whether or not you are a Manchester United fan, it would be difficult to argue with the fact that as a business this football club has been massively successful, to say nothing of their success as a sports team. […]

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Let’s Change Our Perspective

Tweet Andy Braner, who is the CEO of KIVU, recently wrote a really insightful blog post entitled ‘Tweet, Text or Talk’, which I really enjoyed. He is talking about the effect social media is having on Generation Y in particular […]

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What Horses Can Teach You About Relationships?

Tweet Being good Friday, I wanted to write about Easter. I pondered over how Easter fitted into the world of work and what analogies, parallels or connotations I could draw so as so make this Blog didactic. So I Googled […]

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The Times, They Are A Changing

Tweet I love it when there is evidence all around me on the media, which supports what I say to clients in my training and presentation sessions about change and how wacky the world has become. It seems that this […]

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