people_on_bridge_squareUnlike other consultancies we do not use a packaged or off the shelf approach. Rather we offer a highly personalised and tailored approach. We start by showing you the “why” and then work with you to determine the “what” and “how”. You will experience a unique and uplifting engagement because we use an Appreciative Enquiry approach, focusing on your strengths rather than the negatives. Our Appreciative Enquiry methodology harnesses the positive energy in your company allowing you to deliver successful change projects.

We have a team of local and international subject and industry experts who are able to assist you get more from less by focusing on the following areas:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Multi-generational Leadership
  • Improved team productivity and talent engagement
  • Enhanced customer experience at reduced costs
  • Improved marketing ROI

In brief, we have:

  • Increased sales threefold for a health and wellness company by helping them build stronger sales and marketing connections with their customers and intermediaries (click here for the detailed case study)
  • Halved delivery costs by redesigning the sales process of a high street bank’s key product line and in doing so improved customer satisfaction and sales by over 70% (case study)
  • Doubled the response rates for a bank’s marketing campaign enabling them to cut back on marketing spend by 20% and still achieve targets (case study)
  • Trained the telesales staff of a debt recovery call centre to better connect with people from different generations resulting in the recovery of over £10 million of bad debts
  • Worked with a large grocery wholesaler following a difficult merger to improve the corporate culture and reduced staff turnover from 28% p.a. to 13% p.a.
  • Read other case studies clicking here.

We can do the same for you by focusing on key areas of your business.