Social Media and the Leadership Agenda (Programme)

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”  – Peter Drucker

Change signpostSocial Media and the Leadership Agenda is a  program that we have designed to develop and challenge the business strategy, processes and the thinking within the executive team.  This program is designed to get participants (executive team) excited about the New World of Work by looking at what social media and social business can do to grow your staff and expand your business.

Our  packaged program includes the following elements:

  1. A Keynote Presentation to facilitate in the  concept of changing minds – leading to maintain momentum; maximize buy in and consolidate learning.
  2. Individual sessions are to facilitate in changing behaviour.  These can be conversations and/or coaching sessions for a hands on opportunity to gain new insights, strategise, practise new skills, problem solve, and consolidate knowledge.

Logistically how does the package work?

  • A 45 minute keynote presentation to the executive committee or board, followed by a 15 minute questions and answer time.
  • 3 Days (over a 3 month time frame) for one-on-one hourly ‘coaching’ sessions between the members of the executive team and our Social Business consultant. These hourly sessions can be used to meet the needs of each individual team member, or to guide them through the various options and opportunities within their business areas.  Examples of how this time could be used include social business coaching; personal help / advice with social media – either from a strategy aspect, or a technical one; marketing team strategy; sales strategy; and general guidance and feedback from our expert in social business.


In TomorrowToday we believe that the key-defining factor for successful leaders in the 21st century is the ability to learn, grow and change.  This requires a shift from leaders as ‘authoritative experts’ to ‘adaptive leadership’.  In essence, we want to help leaders develop the ability and confidence to know what to do when no-one else does.

If the world has changed, we need to do things differently; and there is no question that  the world has changed and continues to change.  Just as social media has changed the way consumers communicate, our employees are also changing their communication preferences and our customers are expecting more social engagement.  Are your systems and mindsets geared up for this shift in business?

You can see the full overview of our standard “Social Media and the Leadership Agenda” presentation here.