Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Our world-renowned presentations and workshops address the full range of corporate strategic issues: from future trends and strategy to leadership, team dynamics and customer experience. Our focus is on helping our clients to “look out of the window”, make sense of what they see and translate what that means for people inside and outside their organisations.

We provide strategic insights in the following areas:

  • Future trends
  • Leadership
  • Strategy and Organisational Design
  • People, Generations and Diversity
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Business / Social Media

We package our content in the following formats, each of which can be customised in a variety of ways. Please contact us for more information and for booking enquiries.

Presentations and Workshops:

  • The TIDES of Change: The drivers of disruptive change in the world right now
  • Leading in a Changing World: A leadership response to the VUCA world
  • Be SMART: What the changing world means for you and your people
  • Thinking Like a Futurist: New thinking for a new world
  • Bring out the Best In Others: How leaders can invite their people to thrive
  • Leading Difference: The new reality of a globalised workplace
  • The Enemy Within: Rebuilding the DNA of a future fit organisation
  • The New Business SCRIPTS: Re-imagine and discover the new rules for business success
  • ReThinking Strategy: Turning strategy formation and execution on its head – so that it really works
  • Mind the Gap: Understanding and influencing different generations
  • Meet the Digital Natives: Getting the most out of Gen Y, Why, Whatever
  • ReThinking Talent: Understanding the real challenge of attracting and retaining your best people
  • Leader Fit: Mentoring and coaching from within
  • The Enneagram: A profiling tool for authentic personal and team development
  • SMART Customers: Awesome customer experiences in a digital world
  • Beyond the Hype: Doing business in a digital ecosystem

Tools and Specialised Workshops:

  • Savvy Leadership: The horse whispering experience
  • Mentoring+: The complete toolkit to developing others
  • Career Conversations: Helping managers to help their staff understand the new world of work, understand self and develop their careers
  • Adaptive Challenges: A toolkit of experiences and simulations to help leaders learn. If “knowing what to do when nobody knows what to do” is a good definition of leadership in turbulent times, then one of the best ways to develop leadership competencies these days is to put people in situations where they don’t know what to do. At TomorrowToday we have a long history and are proud of our reputation in developing adaptive experiences that push the boundaries of executive education. From our acclaimed Silence Class to immersive cultural experiences in rural South Africa, we take leaders out of their comfort zones in order to help them take giant developmental leaps forward.