Consumers / Customer Experience

Solution Selling

How do you know what others need?

Blue sky graphUnderstanding that whatever business or industry you are in, you should no longer think of yourself as selling a product or service, but rather, your attention should be on finding solutions for your clients and costumers’ needs. Really being able to investigate and understand your clients and customers’ needs is a skill called solution selling. Focusing on nurturing the business you do have; and finding creative ways to get new business, is imperative; and is centered on being able to build loyal and genuine relationships with your current and changing target markets.  The key in any business or industry is not to make any assumptions about your target market, but rather to shift your attention to really understanding the complexity of any market.

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Digital Life

iStock_00001077844Digital Life is a presentation that introduces you to the new consumer and dives into the nature, drive and expectations they have. An entertaining look at six different personality types or digital lifestyles, we explore the technologically handicapped to the digital influencers. All of whom have some part of their lives entertained with a digital experience.

The presentation takes a global approach to people and the digital approach and provides a landscape of these lifestyles around the globe. Great insight for anyone looking to understand how to break into new global markets. Understand how to identify the influencers and networkers in your market and develop a business strategy to adapt to the new rules that your consumer lives by. This can impact the way you communicate with people, lead people and sell to people. The Digital Life presentation is your guide to knowing how to effectively define and communicate to your target audience in the digital age that we find ourselves.

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Herding Cats

Why customer loyalty no longer needs to be a thing of fairytales.

Herding Cats is a multi-media humour filled exploration of how companies need to rethink marketing, go beyond the hype of social media and build genuine relationships with their customers. We explore how a new breed of companies are flying in the face of conventional wisdom and investing in building partnerships and emotional connections with their customers based on trust and personal relationships, not solely on generating repeat purchases.

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Mind the Sales Gap

Business_jigsaw-1Based on the award winning Mind the Gap programme, this is an ideal follow-up or stand alone session. The focus of this session is on applying an understanding of different generations to sales, customer relationships and marketing. The presentation or workshop helps participants understand why people older and younger than themselves have different value systems, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. It includes case studies of adverts and sales approaches that are successful with younger and older people. Sales and customer service teams will leave with new insights that can be immediately applied, helping them to connect more effectively with customers from different generations.

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