Personal Development

Roots & Routes

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Exploring Personality Difference & Why it Matters

You lead out of who you are. Authentic leadership is always about character rather than personality whilst the context for leadership has shifted in the connected and globalized world in which leaders lead. To exercise leadership you need to build a systematic framework that will yield a bigger picture and give you access to a larger field of understanding and action. This starts with personal mastery. It starts with knowing yourself and building on one’s strengths. This dynamic workshop offers profound insights into why we act, relate and lead the way we do. It can be applied to a wide context within your business including leadership development, personal mastery, sales, customer relations, teamwork and really any part of your life and business that has to do with people!

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Horse Whispering

Learning about Leadership

HorsePlay-team-on-their-dayNatural horsemanship – or what is commonly referred to as ‘horse whispering’ invites profound learning around how to lead others. It is experiential learning at its best and there is almost no limit to the take home benefits on offer through this engaging morning. Situated in the tranquil Dargle area of the KZN Midlands, this experience can form part of your breakaway or simply be something different that you decide to do with your team. Combining the well-qualified insights of Charlene Bronner and the leadership experience within TomorrowToday, the morning paints the future context for leadership and then presents practical lessons and feedback on one’s own leadership style and engagement. It is a morning that offers ‘serious fun’ when it comes to learning more about oneself and leadership.

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