Mind the Gap

Understand and get the most out of different generations

people_on_bridge_squareThis multi-media, humour-filled presentation or workshop looks at why people younger and older than yourself see the world in such different ways, and how a generation gap influences attitudes and behaviours. By understanding the impact of different generational value systems, inside and outside your organisation, you can improve customer relationships, the productivity and interactions of your teams, and gain insights that will ensure you get the most out of the people you interact with every day. Understand what shaped and formed Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Y, and why younger and older people – staff, customers, family and friends – have such different expectations and approaches to life, leadership, work and relationships.

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Generation Y, Why, Whatever

Talking Generation Y

Big group of young jumping people.Y, Why, Whatever explores some of the global context for why Generation Y has the value system that they do. It explores the global events, political landscape and economic turbulence that have been the backdrop for their childhood and unpacks some of the consequences of this in terms of what kind of employees they will make. The presentation unpacks the cost of the ‘Dream Society’, which Generation Y grew up in, to the workplace; and in particular what managers need to be aware of in order to respond to get the best out of this generation. For example, one of the consequences of technology is that we all have an increasingly different relationship with information, which in turn, is shifting traditional hierarchies inside organisations. Managers need to act by modifying some of their management styles. This is not to suggest that all the ‘old rules’ have to change, but rather to open manager’s minds up to thinking objectively about what to do that is best for the situation because there is a business imperative to do so.

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Men are from LinkedIn and Women are from Facebook

Talking gender difference

3-talkGender, generation and socio-economic diversity are the three cornerstones of the ‘people element’ that are driving institutional shifts and changes in the new world of work influencing new rules for success. They are of course interconnected and over-laid, but the gender question is rich with controversy and sensitivity; and consequently increasingly needs attention. This is particularly true when one considers that real collaboration and relationships between men and women are both key to having a successful business.  Men Are From LinkedIn and Women Are From Facebook and Twitter asks a lot of questions; and is intended to inspire thought in order to ultimately ignite activity within the context of your department, company, industry or environment. Whether it assists you in the future with your policy-making process or whether it simply means prompting different thinking and feeling to influence a behaviour-change amongst men and women, the impact of gender is something to consider.

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