Social Media and the Leadership Agenda

One in every nine people are on Facebook, over 190 million tweets a day and we continue to see this phenomenon increasingly taking the world by storm.

sky_boardroomSocial media has become the preferred way of communicating for many employees and customers. Any shift in the way people communicate has the potential to shake the foundation of business because of the impact it has on relationships. Social media has revealed a new tool for managing this communication, and thus relationships – with both customers and employees. TomorrowToday believes that harnessing the power behind these tools will certainly provide your business a competitive advantage in your industry.

Although ignorance is bliss we can not afford to remain ignorant about the forces that change our business environments. Social Media will not disappear.

Business leaders do not necessarily need to understand the mechanics of these tools, but rather they need to come to grips with the strategic possibilities and business benefits of engaging people with social media.

The technology has become the easy part of social media, the difficulty lies in deciding and navigating through the strategic intent of your business with social media.

This presentation explores the strategic possibilities in social media and how they impact your industry and business. How your employees are changing and where your customers have gone.

The presentation provides case studies and real life examples of social media being used externally and internally to improve business objectives. Learn how social media impacts marketing, HR, training, collaboration, project management, internal communication, sales and many more aspects of your business.

In many cases these changes have already taken place without asking. The challenge is that they may be happening in public instead of private forums. We will look into the impact of customers owning a new voice online, director liability, thinking objectively, avoiding the competitive blind spots and how social media opens the door to high growth markets like Africa and India.

The primary output of this presentation is gaining a good understanding of what business leaders need to doing in order to leverage social media in their organisation.

Business Outcomes

  • Understand the key elements of social media and which elements are the highest priority to address at an executive level
  • Find opportunities in social media to create new competitive advantages
  • Build an understanding of how social media can help you achieve your business objectives
  • Leave with a highlighted list of the possible down-sides to social media
  • Create a list of topics for discussion on your next leadership agenda

You may also be interested in our fuller programme, which includes a session with your exco / leadership team, together with individual sessions with your leaders, over a lengthier time period. More information available here

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