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Succeeding in a Digital World

Data-in-Digital-BusinessIt’s not about becoming digital – it’s about being successful in a digital world.

One of the biggest game changes in business (and life) this century has been the introduction of the Internet.The Internet created a world of connection, a world where its easier to connect and faster to connect to both information and people which has lead to business moving quicker, consumers changing faster, messages spreading easier and business launching in less time than ever before.

In essence, it is not about becoming digital – it is about being successful in a digital world. This presentation Succeeding in a Digital World looks at four key components, Mobile, Social, Data and The Internet of Things, to understand digital business strategy.

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Digital Life

digital lifeThe evolution to a digital life

This presentation takes an all round look into the world that has fast become a digitalone.  We look at how this has changed consumers, as well as the impact it has made in communicating with, leading and even selling to people.  If you are looking for a guide on how to define and communicate with your audience in the digital age, then this presentation is for you.

“The internet is everywhere, but it is not everywhere in the same way” – Ien Ang

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Social Media and the Leadership Agenda

Looking at what aspects of Social Media need to be on the Leadership Agenda

sky_boardroomHave you ever wondered which aspects of social media should be on the executive agenda? This presentation dives into the important shifts for business leaders to understand about social media. The presentation provides case study’s and real life examples of social media being used externally and internally to improve business objectives.

Learn how social media impacts marketing, HR, training, collaboration, project management, internal communication, sales and many more aspects of your business. In many cases these changes have already taken place without asking. The challenge is that they may be happening in public instead of private forums.

The primary output of this presentation is gaining a good understanding of the what business leaders need to doing in order to leverage social media in their organisation.

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Social Reinvention

A presentation that looks into how business can reinvent its products, systems and processes to successfully transition to a new world of social technology and social media.

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Future of Mobile

This presentation explores how the use of the internet is no longer a matter of waiting until you are behind a computer, but rather an instant connection to the world with your mobile device.   It looks at how this immediate and more convenient way of getting information has changed the way people buy, communicate, learn and socialise. If your business in not looking at how you are going to provide mobile based products and services, then you are already behind and need this presentation to get you started.

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Tomorrow’s Technologies Today

We are entering a ‘golden age’ of technology innovation, where the most remarkable advances are going to take place. We are no longer limited by our technology – the limits are more and more to do with our imaginations, our choices and our budgets. This presentation highlights some of the key forces shaping this new world around us, and especially those influencing the take-up of new technologies in society. It reviews some of the technology advances we are expecting in the next few years, makes a few predictions about others that could emerge, and then focuses in on the implications for your life, your job and your industry.

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privacyPrivacy in the Digital Age

In this presentation we will deal with fundamental issues surrounding the area of digital privacy.  We explore global regulation trends and the ethical concerns around personal information management.

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Advanced Social Media Strategy Workshop

Close-up of Start WordThis full day workshop is aimed at those who are looking for strategic insights around how best to leverage and drive their social media presence within business. The day is broken into 3 blocks, and looks at the theory of the Digital Consumer and Employees and the theory of using social media in business. This presentation is then followed by a workshop where delegates apply the theory to their own work experiences and identify their own case studies, thinking about new business models, or marketing techniques that would make use of social media channels. Case studies are discussed within the group and feedback given by the workshop facilitator. Delegates will leave this session with a digital and social business strategy that they can apply to the workplace.

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