Mentorship and People Development

compass3Creating a mentoring culture for talent management and people development

Complexities in the workplace have meant that talent management and development need more attention. Young people coming into your organization will not be loyal to a system, but they will be loyal to individuals in the system and mentorship is the most effective way to create this. Creating a culture of learning and self-development within your organization will set you apart from your competitors.

Each of the following training modules can be delivered individually, or as part of  a bigger training solution. We invite you to speak to one of our business development managers who are skilled and experienced in working with you to design a training solution to meet your business requirements.

Goal Setting

This practical module focuses on helping delegates with being able to systematically create a concrete action plan that they can use on their own or with a mentor. It helps delegates establish what is important to them, what will motivate them and with how they can take responsibility for reaching their own goals. The course offers ideas on how delegates can monitor themselves in order to remain committed to their progress.

Appropriate Communication

Learning how to communicate appropriately is fundamental to building relationships, for mentoring, mentor-style management practices and getting the best out of teams. This module focuses on verbal as well as non-verbal communication and the difference between aggressive, passive aggressive and assertive communication. Using experiential and emergent exercises it highlights much of what is behind our communication, often driven by our personality type.

Building Relationships 

The aim of this module is to prove to delegates that they can build relationships, whoever they are; based on the natural ability we all carry to conduct conversation. Much of the day highlights for individuals what they are naturally good at when building relationships so that they leave knowing what to build on for themselves.

Self Awareness and Personal Development

The focus of this course is to provide delegates with a balance between theoretical information and practical tools to assist with understanding themselves. The course will also leave delegates with ideas for how they can continue with their own personal development on their own or with a mentor. The aim is to raise emotional intelligence, which is necessary for dealing with diversity, connecting with a manager or mentor and being able to collaborate effectively in teams.

 Planning and Time Management

This module looks primarily at what our personal reasons are for what might make planning and time management difficult. It offers practical ideas for how to manage one’s own time more effectively based on what emerges for each delegate personally in terms of their subjective challenges.

Generations at Work 

This module looks at how generations work, learn, communicate, interact, connect and even think because of their age-related value system. This is an excellent foil for understanding how to build effective relationships with others. The objectives and outcomes of the course will be specifically tailored to your environment and industry or company needs.

The Enneagram 

Much like generation theory provides delegates with an understanding of how their age becomes a lens with which to harness or prevent connection with others, the Enneagram provides extraordinarily accurate insights into what unconsciously motivates thought-processes, feelings and therefore behaviour in ourselves and others because of our personality type. This information can easily be integrated and is imperative particularly for mentoring and managing diverse populations inside organizations.

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