Mind the Gap Video Training Series

Use this video-based training course, on your own, or with your team, to discover why people older and younger than yourself think and act in such unexpected ways.

Four generations are working together in today’s workplace. Understanding generational differences will result in reduced frustration, enhanced communication, better team dynamics, higher productivity, more sales and significant improvements in the way people work with each other.

It will change your life, and the lives of the people around you, as you see the world through other people’s eyes.

Based on years of in-depth research and award-winning books on generations in the workforce, Graeme Codrington and the team at TomorrowToday have helped people around the world for over a decade to understand the underlying evolution of the assumptions each generation brings to work, with humour, empathy and enormous insight. This programme offers deep insights combined with practical strategies to help participants of all ages better understand each other. ‘Mind the Gap’ has won a number of awards and is repeatedly requested by CEOs and event planners around the world. It has been available as a keynote presentation, a workshop, in book format and through articles and research papers. Now for the first time, this multimedia-driven, humour-filled exploration of the different generations is available for you and your team in a video training programme.

The package consists of a series of videos that introduce the concept of generational theory, and give insights into the different generations we encounter every day in the world around us and then applies these insights for application to your business.

The course is designed to be run as a series of workshops or discussions for a small group, but it can be used for large groups or by individuals. When you purchase the package, you will receive the videos, a facilitator’s guide, participant handouts and links to additional resources and multimedia material.

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