How it works

At the heart of the programme is a series of videos. Most are about 15 minutes in length and are designed as a stand alone unit that is watched and then followed by a discussion. The recommended discussion questions are highlighted in the video, and also repeated in a participant’s handout and explained in more detail in the facilitator’s guide.

Ideally, you’d get a small group of people together, watch a video and then have MTG_four_gens_smalla discussion about the implications for your group. You can do this one video at a time if you only have short time slots available [30 - 60 minutes for video and discussion]. Or you could group a few, or all the videos together for a longer session [half day workshop].

The videos start by outlining the theory of generations, and give insights into each of the living generations.

The second part of the programme is context specific and will look, in more detail, at some of the practical applications of Generational Theory to business. This part is designed to help you apply your understanding of generations to the workplace.

Video Content Outline

  1. General Introduction
  2. The Silent Generation Video
  3. The Boomer Generation Video
  4. The Generation X Video
  5. The Generation Y Video
  6. Bonus Module – [Optional]
  7. Application Video (Business; Church; Learning & Education or Youth & Community)

The videos, facilitator’s guide and participant handouts are all available by digital download once payment has been made.

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