Sign up now (and pricing)

Book coverWe have attempted to create a pricing strategy that works for non-profit organisations, public sector and businesses alike. The pricing is based on which application modules you select and how many people you want to take through the programme.

The basic pricing is as follows.

Business application module

  • R250 per participant that will use the training
  • Minimum fee of R3 000
  • Discounted rates for over 500 participants

Non profits

* Learning and education;  Church;  and Youth and Community application modules

  • R150 per participant
  • Minimum fee of R3 000
  • Maximum fee of R10 000 (regardless of numbers)

Individual Access

  • +- R3 300 per individual  (We charge in GBP and the charge is £185)
  • Please note – this option is to ‘View online only’ – an individual cannot download the video material

What you will get

  • 2 manuals (User manual and facilitators manual)
  • 7 videos to view or to download, including the video for the application you have ordered (Business, Church, Learning & Education or Youth & Community)
  • Bonus material to enhance your learning experience

* As the programme is supplied in digital download format, we have been able to minimise the costs to you. Please note though that you may want to print out the manuals and guides or make DVD copies of downloaded videos if you wish to play them via a DVD player, and may have additional costs of your own in this regard.


Team Access