Raymond de Villiers



Raymond has experience in several fields with a main focus on the technology, futures / strategy environments, and the creation of strategic and innovative people strategies for organizations.

His orientation is fundamentally entrepreneurial and innovative. Having held management and executive roles in most organizations he has been in he is comfortable engaging at the most senior levels of the corporate world.

He has worked in a variety of roles that relate to the intersection of people and technology. He is generally tasked with understanding people related issues and designing a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges

His professional experience is varied:

  • Raymond has worked in Saudi Arabia as a consultant for KPMG UK with SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation) on a working capital optimization project that aimed to release $2 Billion in 2 years.
    Raymond has worked as a consultant for several of South Africa’s ‘Blue Chip’ companies including Old Mutual, Sanlam, Vodacom, British American Tobacco, and Woolworths.
  • He was Chief Exec of Wisdom Games (Pty) Ltd – a game development company in South Africa that built business simulations and computer games for the corporate market.
  • He was a partner and Director of Talent at  TomorrowToday.biz from 2004 – 2007.
  • Director of Operations for B2B4C Future Management (Pty) Ltd, a management consulting company based in Cape Town.
  • Worked for Dimension Data.
  • Run the Cape Town office of Barrel & Screw Technologies (Pty) Ltd – a Johannesburg engineering company.
  • He has held memberships in several societies:
    • MENSA Black Management Forum
    • South African Futures Society World Futures Society

Raymond has had articles published in numerous publications in South Africa. Articles have dealt with Computer Gaming and the Workplace, Leadership, Innovation, Talent Management, and Futures Orientated thinking. Publications include CEO magazine, Financial Mail, Beeld, Star, Cape Argus.


Ray is an intelligent, creative, and articulate speaker whose business orientation is fundamentally strategic, futurist, and innovative.

Raymond’s experience is broad but with a main focus on technology, futures, and strategy – with particular application to people, be they clients or staff.

His experience and passion lie in the intersection of people, technology, and future trends. Raymond believes that the global corporate sector has the opportunity to unlock new revenue and success through the effective application of modern technology and social trends to the youth market (Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial’s).

Raymond is 41 and a ‘naturalised’ Capetonian–he grew up in Johannesburg but moved to Cape Town in Jan 1998. He is married with two children.

Client Feedback

“Thanks Ray for joining us at our sales conference to present on the different generations and how to relate to them. It was really interesting to see how each of us responded to the talk based on our age and the talk prompted some good discussion in the weeks following the event.

Ray’s talk was very refreshing with a good balance between verbal content and visual and audio presentations to keep our team’s attention and drive the message through.

By gaining a better understanding of the different generations, our relationships with fellow staff members and customers has improved significantly, resulting in a happier work environment and what appears to be a happier client base.”  –  Roland Hansen, Financial Director, Collies Group