Why we do Social Media

Social media is more than websites like Facebook and Twitter. It is a communication shift between people, companies and brands.

Social Media on the marketing front opens the doors to a quicker, more useful communication style with our customers. This communication is fragmented, instant, relational and mobile. Giving us the opportunity to connect with people in a deeper and more personal manner.

The metrics available with social media makes it simple and easy to measure the success of  marketing online and therefore allows us to make smart decisions quickly to improve our return on investment.

On the business side of social media we talk about the term Social Business.

In a world where social media seems to be taking over, business is beginning to ask the ‘what’s in it for me?’

Generation Y, who are beginning to enter the workplace in South Africa, find email a redundant technology and prefer to manage their communication over social media tools instead. In addition, this new young work force will provide some of the most unique communication challenges since the introduction of the fax machine.

Social media technology also opens up business possibilities to mange projects more effectively, communicate quickly and clearly to the entire organisation and develop people through online training platforms.

Harnessing social business technology will help business:

  • Break the silo’s within your organisation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Welcome Generation Y into your business
  • Open new talent resourcing channels
  • Influence culture

TomorrowToday is committed to helping business navigate the New World of Work. This commitment has lead to the development of a Social Media Bootcamp that introduces social media in a half day workshop environment. We look into what all the hype is about with Barrie Bramley’s presentation Beyond the Hype and finally we introduce a new consumer and employee with the latest presentation from Mike SaundersConsumer 2.0.