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Market economics are saturated in competition and choice. Companies, regardless of industry, are being faced with questions of what makes them different, superior or easier to work with, how they find new consumers; and retain established relationships; and how they will remain relevant and present in a market that is no longer innately loyal.

Learning To Think Like The People You Are Selling To is for sales and non-sales teams; and is about refocusing away from just looking at your product or service and paying attention to your market’s needs, without making an assumption about what your market needs. It is also about being flexible and adaptable enough to come to consumers with a varied method of engagement, depending on them, their industry, environment and their challenges.

Each of the following training modules can be delivered individually, or as part of  a bigger training solution. We invite you to speak to one of our business development managers who are skilled and experienced in working with you to design a training solution to meet your business requirements.

Solution Selling

This training looks at a 7-step process, which helps sales and non-sales employees learn skills to establish consumer needs; establish consumer-buying cycles and provide a tailor-made solution to meet those key needs.

Customer Experience

This offering helps employees understand what they need to do to create excellent first impressions as well as long-lasting relationships with consumers. The learning focuses on how to build a genuine relationship with consumers through self-awareness as well as awareness of who your consumer is.

Selling Across Generations

This is an excellent compliment to solution selling, and allows teams to understand that over and above the skills needed to solution-sell, people of different generations will buy for different reasons, respond to different sales strategies and build and retain relationships differently, depending on their generation. This course gives delegates insights into what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Networking Skills

A big challenge in sales is finding new business. Apart from cold calling where do you find people to do business with? We can and should use social media, but knowing how to face-to-face networking is also essential. This course focuses on how to go about networking as well as the skills required for networking.

Negotiation Skills

A sale often involves negotiation; and effective negotiating is a skill that can be learned and practiced. This hands on course teaches participants how to prepare a negotiation, how to open a negotiation, how to handle a negotiation, and how to get to a point of close.

Selling Using The Enneagram

Effective selling is about understanding who you are selling to. Understanding the consumer’s age is very useful in being able to connect with them, but so is understanding their personality type. This will help in knowing what is important to them, how they think, feel and behave, how they like to communicate and how they connect to others, which will ultimately assist in creating rapport. People buy from people and loyalty is established through trust. The more familiar you seem to the buyer because you ‘understand’ them the more likely they will trust you, which should lead to them wanting to do business with you and the more likely that relationship will last.

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