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Retaining Talent – a lesson for the Tech Industry [infographic]

Tweet Retaining talent has always been an interesting challenge in business. This infographic about the Technology Industry showed this very cleary, albeit not what the graphic was initialy created for. Take a careful look and see that most of the […]

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Is this a Vodacom / MTN dirty little secret?

Tweet I have a simple question to float out there, that’s been banging around in my mind for a few years now: Why has the iPhone (all versions) been so expensive in South Africa since it’s launch? The question first […]

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Changing the way I Read

Tweet For those of you who follow the TomorrowToday blog regularly, you’ll know that one of my interests during 2010 was the shifting landscape of reading. All kinds of reading. Books, Newspapers, Magazines. What we were reading on? How we […]

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The 'Next-Future' is the Smart-Phone

Tweet Through TomorrowToday, there are two presentations I do that speak to the future of Mobile Phones, Aftershock and Beyond the Hype. In both of them I’m fairly clear in my own mind on one trend around Mobile Phones – […]

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Put that in your iPod and er, listen to it

Put that in your iPod and er, listen to it

Tweet Here’s an interesting battle going on in the music industry, with Apple ‘threatening’ to close doors to iTunes, the dominant force in sales of digital music. (BBC has the full story) If word gets out that music publishers are […]

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