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Square – accept credit card payments via your cellphone

Tweet You heard about it here first. My colleague, Dean van Leeuwen wrote about this trend at the beginning of March (read his post on the Future of Money). Something he just mentioned in that post was launched officially today […]

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Generation Y young people – NOT coming soon to a bank near you

Tweet In a report released in February 2010 by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) (download the PDF here – 2.8Mb), the needs of a younger generation of banking customers was investigated. It makes for interesting reading. Some of the […]

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The coming revolution in microinsurance

Tweet There has been a lot made of microlending in the past few years – most notably in the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize to Grameen Bank founder Mohammed Younis for his work in Bangladesh. Now, throughout the developing […]

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What you could get away with… if you were a corporation (by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show)

Tweet The Daily Show, by Jon Stewart, is one of my TV habits. It’s a satirical news show, that specialises in showing up the political and corporate establishments for their hyprocrisy. Their staple diet is to take sound bites from […]

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The future for banks and a better way to pay bankers

Tweet POSTED 10 November 2009; UPDATED 11 November 2009 One story is going to run for the next 3-5 years at least: how to fix the banking system. The big media headline grabbing story is how to regulate bankers’ pay. […]

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