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The Leadership Trap of Flat Earth Thinking

Tweet It was 16 February 1600 and a crowd had gathered to watch Italian friar, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Giordano Bruno being burnt at the stake having been condemned as a heretic. To go against the ‘truth’ as the church […]

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The Business Book you should read, but probably wont

Tweet I’ve recently finished reading ‘Orbiting the Giant Hairball‘, by Gordon MacKenzie. I was given the book to read by Che Mckay, the Head of Grayston Prep’s Pre-Prep. She also teaches Thinking Skills at the school. I must be honest, […]

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What CEOs really want from their top leadership team

Tweet If you ask CEOs what they really want from the people they lead, their answers will indicate the imperative of the age in which they live. If you’d asked that question in the 1950s, for example, they’d probably have […]

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Sir Ken Robinson – 30 minutes of inspiration about learning and the future of education

Tweet I am a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson. He has spoken twice at the TED conferences – once in 2006, and again earlier this year. His two talks follow on from each other, as he talks so brilliantly […]

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Book review: Orbiting the Giant Hairball

Tweet I am becoming increasingly interested in company structures that are trying to use quantum mechanics (as opposed to Newtonian science) as the basis of their design. The simplest versions of these are linked to the concepts of cloud computing […]

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Right Brain people will be a-head in the future

Tweet Ted.com is one of the best internet resources I’ve ever come across for short, powerful and interesting inputs on a broad cross-section of topics that loosely fall into the categories of Technology, Environment and Design (TED). Most inputs have […]

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