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Crowdsourcing vs Agencies

Tweet Crowdsourcing is the method of outsourcing work to a large group of people rather than to individual employees or departments. When looking into the design of my company logo, I decided to run a test to see if crowdsourcing would […]

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Selling Sefood with Social Media

How social media sold me a seafood platter

Tweet Last week we looked into the importance of using clear communication when selling through social media channels. Today I wanted to share an experience that ended very well for me (the buyer) and the seller. I am busy doing […]

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Content farms – the future of journalism

Tweet Newspapers and magazines are going through a tough time. Not because of the recession, but because they don’t seem to know what to do with the Internet and the rise of free content. Some are choosing to try and […]

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Crowdsourcing comes to Hollywood

Tweet I was recently introduced to Peter Vesterbacka, who heads up an innovative company called Wreckamovie. The concept is simple: use social media concepts to facilitate the crowdsourcing of movie making. Or (without the web 2.0 jargon): use the Internet […]

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