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Three reasons to get into Google+

Google+ is taking the world by storm and just may become the social network with enough clout to give Facebook a run for its money. After joining Google+ a few month ago (you can see my profile here) I have had various conversations with social media peers and everyone seems to have differing views on [...]

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Retaining Talent – a lesson for the Tech Industry [infographic]

Tweet Retaining talent has always been an interesting challenge in business. This infographic about the Technology Industry showed this very cleary, albeit not what the graphic was initialy created for. Take a careful look and see that most of the […]

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WTF, Google?

Tweet FastCompany has a great post, with the same title as this post, on some of Google’s glitches. Of course, as they point out, when you’re processing the volume of stuff they are, they’re bound to make a few glitches. They […]

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The emergence of Neuromarketing

Tweet Traditional market research has it’s limitations when one considers the influence of the ‘observer’ on the ‘observed’ when attempting to understand people’s true thoughts and feelings on the product/brand/service being researched. If we could just get into their heads […]

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