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Why the UK needs a Jon Stewart

Tweet I really don’t like how the UK media (especially radio and TV) do political interviews. The journalists are exceptionally and unnecessarily antagonistic, and seem much more intent on tripping up their interviewees than finding any facts or truth in […]

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Dear Mr Clegg, can I trust you? (The case for a hung parliament)

Tweet For immediate release, 6 April 2010 AN OPEN LETTER TO THE LEADER OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS Dear Mr Clegg, Can I trust you? The Prime Minister announced today that the General Election will take place on 6 May 2010. […]

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The PM's misspelt letter – a parable of modern Britain?

Tweet Poor old Gordon Brown. The Prime Minister of Britain just can’t seem to do anything right. This past week, he did what he always does, which is to hand write a letter of condolence to a bereaved family member. […]

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How will history view Labour's and Brown's legacy?

Tweet “It is the fighters and believers who change the world. We’ve changed the world before and we will change it again.” I’m listening to Gordon Brown’s conference speech in Brighton, using the wonder of internet streaming. Brown has come […]

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