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Social Media Policy

The best social media policy is based on values – not rules

I have been meaning to write about developing a social media policy for some time now. This is something that I believe can make or break your internal and external social media campaigns. A good social media policy does not restrict people from social media but rather equips them to use social media in the [...]

The best social media policy is based on values – not rules originally posted on Mike Saunders – Keynote Speaker and Social Media Coach

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What CEOs really want from their top leadership team

Tweet If you ask CEOs what they really want from the people they lead, their answers will indicate the imperative of the age in which they live. If you’d asked that question in the 1950s, for example, they’d probably have […]

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From the author: IBM's 'The Social Factor'

Tweet Social media is big news right now, of course, and no company I know of is doing more thinking about the overall business implications than IBM. If I had spare cash lying around, I’d definitely buy IBM shares because […]

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The challenge of doing business in China

Tweet I am a regular reader of Booz Hamilton & Co’s newsletter, S+B (Strategy + Business). I’d highly recommend you sign up for it – here. In their latest edition, their lead article was titled “The China Challenge” and presents […]

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