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Is this a Vodacom / MTN dirty little secret?

Tweet I have a simple question to float out there, that’s been banging around in my mind for a few years now: Why has the iPhone (all versions) been so expensive in South Africa since it’s launch? The question first […]

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Changing the way I Read

Tweet For those of you who follow the TomorrowToday blog regularly, you’ll know that one of my interests during 2010 was the shifting landscape of reading. All kinds of reading. Books, Newspapers, Magazines. What we were reading on? How we […]

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Mobile technology influence on Social Media

Tweet After the article from Barrie Bramley on the influence of the smart phone I thought it would be a good idea to show you this infographic that outlines the effect of the mobile phone on social media.  

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The 'Next-Future' is the Smart-Phone

Tweet Through TomorrowToday, there are two presentations I do that speak to the future of Mobile Phones, Aftershock and Beyond the Hype. In both of them I’m fairly clear in my own mind on one trend around Mobile Phones – […]

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The world is changing cell phones

Tweet Once upon a time cell phones changed the world. They arrived when we didn’t expect them, and allowed us to do things we never imagined possible. We can quite safely say that our world today (where cell phones have […]

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What's new in MobileMe

What's new in MobileMe

Tweet It’s not the normal practice on this blog to be show-casing new technology, for the simple reason that it’s kewl. We rather try and focus on the people impact changes have in the areas of technology, values, demographics and […]

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