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What Keith is currently reading

What Keith is currently reading

Tweet What Keith is  currently reading ‘Future Primal – how our wilderness origins show us the way forward’ by Louis G. Herman His thoughts on the book? A ‘game-changer’. I think this book will become one of the most significant […]

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Horse Play – Learning about leadership

Tweet A repost, triggered by this article which appeared in the Skyway Magazine this month, of an article Keith Coats wrote a while back reflecting on our experiential leadership programme that we partner with Horse Play with in the Natal […]

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leading people

Four lessons in leading people as a young entrepreneur

Tweet Three years ago I started DigitLab, and with it I began leading people. I wanted to lead a team instead of manage them.  I believe that people are at their best when they are happy, challenged, inspired and a […]

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A Crystal Ball for Business: 9 Tips for Future Success

Tweet As another year dawns and we turn our eyes to 2014, it’s still clear that we are living and working in an era of extreme uncertainty.  A global recession continues and is combining with significant disruptive forces in technology, […]

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What does it take to succeed in a Digital World?

One of the biggest game changers in business (and life) this century has been the introduction of the internet. The internet created a world of connection, a world where its easier to connect and faster to connect. We’re connected to information and people which has lead to business moving quicker, consumers changing faster, messages spreading [...]

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The Neglected Work of Leadership

Tweet The practice of leadership has many important facets and nuances. Strategic formation and implementation is often regarded as the ‘most important of all leadership responsibilities’ and it certainly is important. Strategy almost always forms a core part of the […]

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The Leadership Trap of Flat Earth Thinking

Tweet It was 16 February 1600 and a crowd had gathered to watch Italian friar, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Giordano Bruno being burnt at the stake having been condemned as a heretic. To go against the ‘truth’ as the church […]

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Social Media in Business: Close the Gap Conference on 20th March

Tweet Knowledge Dimension and Social Business Consulting are inviting TomorrowToday readers to attend the Close the Gap Conference, where leadership experts will highlight the social business gap that exists in organisations today. The principles of social media in business, if […]

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Social business challenges hierarchy business model

Tweet Almost every business older than ten years runs on a hierarchical structure. This structure has equipped businesses for ages, making sure they are accountable, profitable and running smoothly. This hierarchical structure is under attack when looking at social business. […]

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