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Four lessons in leading people as a young entrepreneur

Tweet Three years ago I started DigitLab, and with it I began leading people. I wanted to lead a team instead of manage them.  I believe that people are at their best when they are happy, challenged, inspired and a […]

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An Open Letter To Boomer Bosses Everywhere:

Tweet Dear Wally, (if the name fits or even if it doesn’t…) I need to speak to you on an important issue.  For some time I have been watching a tsunami looming large on the horizon and it seems that […]

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The modern business plan (by Seth Godin)

Tweet I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. I recently signed up to get his daily blog entry sent to me by email – these are often just thought bullets, but sometimes he writes a longer piece that’s very insightful […]

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Free video course: Global trends shaping the new world of work

Tweet The team at SuccessTV do a great job of providing “bite-sized” video resources on hundreds of different topics. And all for free. Check their website out, and use the resources they make available. I recently recorded a short video […]

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You're going to have to change your management style

Tweet I spend a large part of my year in conversation with managers working hard to try and understand today’s younger workforce. The pain they’re feeling is palpable. The evidence of change is overwhelming. Making the necessary changes, at times, […]

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Free video course on Managing Generation Y at work

Tweet In December 09, Graeme Codrington recorded a series of short videos on Managing Generation Y at Work. This was done with Success.tv in London. These videos are now available for free: The videos are: The New World of Work […]

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