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What’s your digital lifestyle?

Tweet I am a firm believer that every person hasa certian level of digital integration in their lifestyle. The is something in almost all of us that uses the digital landscape in someway or another. This is what excites me […]

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Generation Y young people – NOT coming soon to a bank near you

Tweet In a report released in February 2010 by Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) (download the PDF here – 2.8Mb), the needs of a younger generation of banking customers was investigated. It makes for interesting reading. Some of the […]

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How Gen Y sees the Gen gap

Tweet The 11 March 2010 edition of the TIME magazine had a great cover article on “10 ideas for the next 10 years“. In the same edition, Nancy Gibbs (who has often written on generational issues for TIME), wrote an […]

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“Black to the Future”- South Africa’s Gen-Y

Tweet Shifts in societal change over the decades have radically changed the way we do business. Some creep up on us while others happen like a tsunami. Is your business in symbiosis with its ever changing environment?  In order to […]

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Gen Y are not a pushover

Tweet Miranda Devine is a Sydney Morning Herald columnist, and recently wrote an excellent piece on Australia’s Gen Y (young people now in the teens and early 20s). She had just witnessed a group of 400 of them grilling Kevin […]

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Free video course on Managing Generation Y at work

Tweet In December 09, Graeme Codrington recorded a series of short videos on Managing Generation Y at Work. This was done with Success.tv in London. These videos are now available for free: The videos are: The New World of Work […]

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