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Identifying Talent In A Knowledge Economy?

Tweet Identifying Talent is a top priority in any organistion today. Daniel Pink, in his TED talk on The Surprising Science of Motivation, suggests the most valuable people in a knowledge economy organizations are the people thinking about solutions to […]

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I’ve been talent managed!

Tweet I’ve just had to update my profile on the new TomorrowToday website as my role within the company is changing from a client manager / sales position to an operational one. As I was updating my profile I realized […]

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Calling out to those connecting to – and connected to – call centres

Tweet “Call centres are the electronic assembly lines of the new economy” – Phil Jennings, Union Network International The last few months have been a busy and exciting time for Tomorrow Training. We have been up to a lot of […]

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What if Lance Armstrong wanted YOUR job?

Tweet This is a question (What if Lance Armstrong wanted YOUR job?) I ask the participants of the Talent Management day I do around 40 times each year (for the past 4 years) with one of our clients, for their […]

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5 Practical steps to retain Talent

Tweet During 2009 I was asked by a client to come to a meeting where they were going to discuss how to build a better Employee Value Proposition (EVP), to stem the tide of an exiting younger workforce. Retention was […]

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PodCast Update – Trends shaping business in the next few years

Tweet We’ve just added a new PodCast to the TomorrowToday feed. It features a conversation between Dean van Leeuwen and Graeme Codrington about some trends facing business during the next few years. Amongst other things, they talk about talented companies […]

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Free video course on Managing Generation Y at work

Tweet In December 09, Graeme Codrington recorded a series of short videos on Managing Generation Y at Work. This was done with Success.tv in London. These videos are now available for free: The videos are: The New World of Work […]

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