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Is the information landscape in which we currently find ourselves a wasteland or an oasis?

Tweet I set out to write about the current South African education system; and what, in my opinion, is lacking in this space, how it is not serving the youth of today and how business (and ultimately the economy) is […]

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What’s your digital lifestyle?

Tweet I am a firm believer that every person hasa certian level of digital integration in their lifestyle. The is something in almost all of us that uses the digital landscape in someway or another. This is what excites me […]

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Calling out to those connecting to – and connected to – call centres

Tweet “Call centres are the electronic assembly lines of the new economy” – Phil Jennings, Union Network International The last few months have been a busy and exciting time for Tomorrow Training. We have been up to a lot of […]

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Sir Ken Robinson – 30 minutes of inspiration about learning and the future of education

Tweet I am a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson. He has spoken twice at the TED conferences – once in 2006, and again earlier this year. His two talks follow on from each other, as he talks so brilliantly […]

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Right Brain people will be a-head in the future

Tweet Ted.com is one of the best internet resources I’ve ever come across for short, powerful and interesting inputs on a broad cross-section of topics that loosely fall into the categories of Technology, Environment and Design (TED). Most inputs have […]

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Why Gen X parents are so painful

Tweet Susan Gregory Thomas writes a great article, ‘Teachers Guide to Gen X Parents‘. Possibly the best description I’ve read as to how Gen X parents are experienced in a school context by educators and administrators, and then why they […]

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A Sandpit to Entice

Tweet Just been part of a conversation that happens all too infrequently. You know, one of those conversations that leave you buzzing, unable to sleep or concentrate on the ‘next thing to be done’. A conversation that ‘gets the juices […]

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