In order to deposit funds into the account of the TomorrowToday Foundation please make your deposit according to the instructions below:

A/C Name: The Tomorrow Today Foundation Trust

Bank: FNB

Branch: RMB Private Bank, Hillcrest

Branch Code: 250 655

A/C Number: 6245 6113 746

The TomorrowToday Foundation is a trust structure authorised by the Masters office in South Africa (refer Letter of Authority IT630/2009) and given exemption from taxes and duties by the South African Revenue Service.

The trust began its life as the BJM Charitable Foundation and following the sale of BJM to a large corporate bank, the trust ceased to operate. TomorrowToday have taken over this Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Ref No: 930029986), changed its name to the Tomorrow Today Foundation and will be using this vehicle to help facilitate and enable some of tomorrow’s changes today.

The TomorrowToday Foundation will be operating for now, primarily in South Africa and supporting charities and initiatives in this country that are involved in improving the lot of its people. All South African taxpayers making donations to the TomorrowToday Foundation can claim a deduction of up to 10% from their taxable income. This effectively means that for those taxpayers in the highest tax bracket of 40%, every Rand donated will only cost 60 cents. Contributions by corporate South Africa will also be eligible to score BEE points. Formal receipts for donations will be issued and letters confirming use and destination of proceeds will be done for BEE purposes

Contact the TomorrowToday Foundation to make a donation or for more information