Online Development Programmes

We create development programmes for individuals and teams alike that are delivered in digital format, using a combination of email communications, videos (either online or DVD), workbooks, discussion guides and ebooks.

Each course is designed around one of our presentation and workshop frameworks, and aims to deliver the content in a way that is accessible for individuals and teams. We also aim to price these courses in a way that makes them exceptionally affordable.

Our current course library includes:

  • Future-Fit: On becoming an adaptive leader – a series of thirty 3-5 minute long videos that provide insights into how to become a future-fit leader in a rapidly changing world. Each video provides “head, heart and hand” elements – something to think about, something to feel and something to do. You sign up and receive two emails a week to guide you through the future-fit process.

  • Mind the Gap Training – a series of ten 12-15 minute long videos that introduce generational theory and help individuals and small groups to engage with the implications for their environment. There are application videos for business, education, community groups, youth programmes and churches.

Contact us for more information on these and other upcoming courses currently in development.